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Couples Counseling

Couples counseling can help with any issues affecting a couple and allow them to clear the air.

There are a wide range of couples counseling sessions that can be taken depending on the situation. At Online Counseling we provide the following services for couples:

  • Relationship counseling can help couples repair a damaged bond and start afresh.
  • Marital counseling involves working with two partners to keep their marriage stable.
  • Divorce counseling can offer crucial support and advice at a difficult time.
  • Premarital counseling is also available to couples which can help prepare them for married life.

Online couples counselingAt Online Counseling we understand that it isn’t always as simple as providing counseling for just the couple – sometimes others require assistance too.

That’s why we also offer family therapy, where each family member will receive some one-to-one time with the therapist, as well as a ‘family meeting’ type of arrangement.

Another added bonus of choosing us for couples counseling is that we provide online couples counseling via video conferencing, live chat or email, or couples counseling via telephone for your convenience.

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