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Online Counseling for Depression

Online Counseling for DepressionMost of us have low mood from time to time, but depression is different. It is long term and persistent, and in severe cases the sufferer may feel hopelessness and despair.

Cases of depression have increased exponentially in modern times. Depression has become one of – if not the biggest – mental health issue of the 21st century, and the need for professional help has never been greater.

Why is it so many people now suffer from depression, yet during two World Wars the number of cases was dwarfed in comparison?

Much of the problem lies in the pace of modern day life. Social decay and the commonplace breakdown of marriages and families also play a huge part. The support networks that used to be taken for granted are no longer so easy to reach.

In previous years extended families usually lived in a close vicinity. Mum and Dad might be a few doors away, with Grandmother and Grandfather living one street away and Aunt Flo just down the road. A person’s entire family and friend network were often within a block, and there was always someone to call upon for help.

Today the situation is very different. Families no longer live within such close proximity due to better transport options and availability of education or employment.

Reactive depression

This can occur when we experiences a significant trauma in our lives such as being made redundant, going through a divorce or experiencing a bereavement.

Clinical depression

Clinical depression is different to reactive depression. It is usually characterized by repeated bouts, with often no obvious cause.

Is medication the answer?

Modern day anti-depressant medication can provide considerable relief for the sufferer by helping to restore the chemical imbalance in the brain, which accompanies depression.

However, think of anti-depressants like scaffolding. They will help keep the building accessible while the repair work – therapy – is carried out.

How Online Counseling can help

Our CBT therapy can teach you practical techniques to re-frame negative thinking and behavioral skills which can alleviate depression.

Counseling can also help you work through the root causes of depression, so you can understand why you feel a certain way, recognize the triggers and combat them.

Contact Online Counseling now to take the next step in overcoming depression and finding happiness.

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This page was written by Mr T. Roberts of Online Counselling Fast. .

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