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Divorce Counseling

Online divorce counselingA divorce is one of the worst experiences we can endure. Unfortunately it is something that is increasingly common in modern times.

The prospect of a divorce may fill one with fear. Common anxieties and questions may include: “How will I cope financially? What about the children? Will I ever be happy again?”

Therapy can offer support and practical advice at this crucial time.

For some couples the split is a mutual decision – and in such cases divorce counseling can help make the process as amicable and quick as possible.

Sadly in most situations at least one partner does not want the marriage to end and will be feeling heartbreak. Perhaps relationship counseling could bring the relationship back from the brink – even at such a late stage – as many relationships are far from a lost cause.

A counselor can provide support and empathy to make this difficult time as painless as possible. Divorce counseling can also help you to pick up the pieces, rebuild your life and heal a broken heart.

If children are involved, a divorce can be a devastating experience for them. Family therapy may prove invaluable to limit long-term damage, by helping them process feelings of insecurity and mistrust.

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