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Group Counseling

Online group counselingGroup counseling is especially useful for treating a wide range of difficulties – from addictions such as narcotics or alcoholism, to those with anger management issues.

Group counseling not only provides you with the support of an experienced professional therapist, but also the empathy and support from a group of peers who’ve had similar challenges to yourself. What can be learned from such a group of peers often proves invaluable.

The problem for many people who would benefit from group counseling is availability. Either a suitable group isn’t in their local area or time constraints make it impossible to attend.

Online group counseling resolves such issues, and has the advantage that groups are formed from people further afield. This brings a greater range of experiences to the ‘virtual table’ than your locale ever would.

The next step

Booking for group counseling is slightly different than one-to-one sessions. Please email your requirements to Online Counseling in the first instance and we will come back to you to discuss availability.

If we do not currently have a group running for your particular requirements, we can look at forming one. In such cases, it’s useful if you can tell us about any friends or contacts who would benefit from attending.

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