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Marriage and Family Therapy

Online Marriage and Family Therapy and CounselingAny issues which affect a marriage can have a wider knock-on effect with the rest of the family, in particular children.

With family therapy, while each family member will receive some one-to-one time with the therapist, most of the work will be done in a ‘family meeting’ type of arrangement. This can be invaluable to help children cope with the parting of their parents in such circumstances as divorce

Children will have practical anxieties such as “Who will I live with?” “Will I be made to chose or take sides?” “Will I be able to split my time between mum and dad?” and “What will happen about Christmas and my birthday?”

These and a host of other concerns may race through a child’s mind at such a time. Discussion and practical problem solving with a little compromise – on both sides – can alleviate most, if not all, such concerns.

Perhaps the most common anxiety for children to have if their parents go their separate ways is the question: “If mum and dad have stopped loving each other, will they stop loving me?”

It is essential that the child is helped to understand that the love one feels for their child is different to romantic love, and while the latter can sadly fade, the love parents feel for their own child is unending.

Family therapy can also be of enormous help in other less extreme circumstances by improving communication skills and honesty between family members, resolving issues, dysfunction and resentment, and by building respect, trust and closeness.

More family therapies

Here are the main types of therapies which can help a couple and their family:

  • Marital counseling involves working with the two partners in the marriage.
  • Divorce counseling can offer support and practical advice at a crucial time.
  • Relationship counseling can help couples repair a damaged bond and start afresh – whether they are married or not.
  • Premarital counseling is also available to couples and their families. This can help prepare them for married life ahead.

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