Relationship Counselling Online Rebuilding Emotional Closeness in the Face of Physical Distance

Posted on April 27, 2012 · Posted in Relationship Counseling Online

The non-threatening and comforting atmosphere provided by the internet has revolutionised the way people seek help for health issues, especially those problems which require the patient to regularly visit a practitioner. Travelling to meet a counsellor can be expensive and time-consuming, but with the meteoric rise of the internet, video conference software allows anyone to access live help from across the world, instantly. This method of e-counselling is undoubtedly a growing trend and is beneficial for those suffering from a whole range of disorders or issues such as depression, phobias or low self-esteem. is a UK-based service which allows patients to access help from anywhere in the world, as long as they have an internet connection.

One of the ways in which e-therapy has started to really show its practicality is when it is used for online relationship counselling sessions. Many couples who find themselves in high-powered jobs, with packed schedules and jet-set lifestyles, may resign themselves to the fact that their relationship is just not working. However, for those willing to seek help, e-therapy can provide the answer. With online counselling, the husband could be working in Hong Kong, with his wife on the other side of the world in L.A., yet through the invention of video conferencing, they can undergo a relationship counselling session together without even having to be on the same continent.

The sessions provided by operate in a very similar way to conventional face-to-face therapy sessions, except that all communication is done through virtual means. Video calls, emails, telephone calls or live chat conversations are all ways in which practitioners have started to reach out to clients who may find it difficult to commit to regular sessions in real life. The online counselling sessions help clients to focus on fixing what is wrong, rather than trying to prove who is right – often a stumbling block in many relationships. Lack of communication is often one of the biggest factors in the breakdown of a previously successful partnership.  Innovative e-counselling sessions can help to rebuild emotional closeness and encourage honest, open communication once again even if work or other commitments make physical closeness an impossibility.

Clients as far afield as Canada, Australia and the United States have already benefited from the pioneering service provided by, and the sessions have become a lifeline for many who struggle to attend face-to-face sessions.

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This page was written by Mr T. Roberts of Online Counselling Fast. .